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At Wet Cement, we are all about sharing.  And what could be more helpful than sharing how we 'make it work' and the people and products that power us through!
We hope our "Insider Picks" make your day a little brighter and fuller.
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Rent the Runway

Nothing has bolstered our confidence more than having an endless closet thanks to Rent The Runway. Here are the 3 ways you can take advantage of their stunning dresses, jackets, purses and jewelry!:

UNLIMITED: Our fave is the "Unlimited" service, where you get 4 items at a time that you keep for as long - or as short - as you want.  Everything is insured (oops, red wine spilled on my white dress--phew, no problem), delivery is free both ways and you never have to go to the dry cleaner again.  

UPDATE: Their new service called "Update," allows you to pick 4 fabulous finds to refresh your wardrobe for the month.

RESERVE: Order a piece at a time (dress, handbag, leather jacket) for 4 or 8 days, depending on what's on your dance card. 

C Sweetener

Think for Mentoring Rising Executive Women.  CSweetener is a 501c3 non-profit created by GE Venture's brilliant Lisa Suennen, who created the mentoring matching platform in response to getting 3-5 mentoring requests/ week. She and co-founder Lisa Serwin have 'outsourced' mentoring, creating a network of C-level executives (both men and women), to help shatter the glass ceiling by increasing the percentage of women in the C-Suite in healthcare from 8% to half of all Executives. 

Please note:  The CSweetener platform currently only accepts women in healthcare and related fields.  All mentors and mentees are vetted by their leadership team. 

Root Touch-Up Sprays

We cannot live without these.  Since our roots start to grow in about 5 minutes after walking out of the salon, we need some root therapy.  Seriously, we could go for color touch-ups every 2 weeks if it wasn't for this spray.  While you can find a number of brands out there, including L'Oreal, Oribe, and Style Edit, our favorite is the Rita Hazan Root Touch-Up Spray, since one bottle lasts us 6 months and it's never dripped down our forehead during a nerve-wracking presentation or Zumba class--it even lasts through a wash!  


Are you one of the few, lucky people with a full-time administrative assistant who 'owns' your calendar?  If so, stop reading. If you are like the rest of us mortals, who spend half of their workday trying to schedule--and then re-schedule meetings--Acuity will change your life.  This interactive calendaring tool allows people to book meetings with you based on your availability.  It's like hiring an admin... for $15 a month!  And if you click on the link below, you will even get a free trial to see for yourself. 

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