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We offer a variety of integrated services that help your organization advance and empower the women on your team. All programs begin with feedback from leadership and an "Advancement Assessment" that measures your organization's ‘cultural health' and the needs of your female employees. This valuable data helps us build a customized program that addresses your unique challenges and provides measurable results.  







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Training Programs

Fearless Fundamentals

This in-depth workshop combines feedback from YOUR team with the latest quantitative and qualitative research, and our own C-Level corporate experience. We address and solve for key barriers stunting women's growth with our Fearless Factor 5 Approach across Confidence, Communication, Connections, Control and Courage. Our Insight-to-Action format ensures every "ah ha" moment is followed by individual and group exercises to drive behavior change and shift mindsets.Women in your organization will be more effective and confident immediately. Male leaders and managers will better understand how to help the women on their team advance, and be more comfortable addressing sensitive topics. 


The Confident Communicator: Public Speaking and Presentation Training

This interactive workshop builds confidence and helps women overcome Impostor Syndrome, while preparing them for important presentations, pitches or thought leadership events. We help attendees develop their executive presence through individual and small group coaching. Our curriculum focuses on clear, direct and engaging communications while addressing barriers specific to women, including:

  • Confidence:  Channel the inner fortitude that will make you shine on stage

  • Spoken communications:  Tone, pacing and language

  • Storytelling:  Turning data and insights into ideas that drive imagery and action

  • Non-verbal communication:  Eye contact, body language, and image

  • Preparation and Planning:  Turning research into questioning strategies, anticipating objections and building rapport

  • Driving Outcomes:  Frameworks for outlining action items, deliverables and accountability

The Modern Male Leader

Designed specifically for male leaders, this signature program focuses on primary growth barriers for women and the science behind it, so your male leaders are better equipped to help the women on their team reach their potential.  Participants learn to recognize and reduce bias/gender micro-aggressions while discovering how to tailor their management approach to accelerate success. Course material also works to improve team communications and guide men through sensitive topics and appropriate behaviors that cultivate inclusive work environments with bottom-line benefits.


Fearless Female Leadership: Achieve Your Purpose-Driven Potential

In this age of transformation and disruption, leading with purpose and without fear is critical to thrive.  Female leaders are uniquely positioned to succeed given inherent feminine strengths, including EQ, social relational skills and the perspective as a marginalized group that empowers us with more inclusive and diverse viewpoints. But we still face a myriad of internal and external barriers that hold us back from achieving our potential.  Research shows we are less likely to interrupt others so they can share their innovative ideas, but we are more likely to be interrupted.  We are more prepared, yet avoid taking risks because we fear we are not prepared enough.  We are social, but less inclined than men to form strategic networking relationships. We lift each other up, but struggle to advocate for ourselves.


This inspiring keynote explores these contrasts and offers valuable insights, new skills and alternative methods to help attendees be more successful starting the very next day.  The talk is relevant for every modern leader, whether your purpose is to break through that glass ceiling to effect meaningful change, build your own business, or align your current company to purpose.   


Attendees will leave with: 

  • A roadmap of how to identify their purpose--for both the company and themselves

  • Real business examples and the latest research on how world-class leaders and companies are driving innovation

  • Techniques for reducing bias and interruptions in the workplace

  • Strategies on how to leverage strategic alliances and relationships to advance their mission

  • A tactical plan to apply what they’ve learned to inspire and lead from the inside out

Career Excel: Online Professional Development Training for Women

Career Excel helps women:
  • Get Unstuck
  • Create an achievable roadmap for career advancement
  • Gain confidence in their abilities and recognition as leaders 
  • Find balance in their personal and professional lives
Convenient, Flexible and Affordable  
Career Excel is a 12-week e-learning program delivered online. Each week participants view one or two “Insights-to-Action” Masterclass webinars available 24/7, coupled with exercises (including companion downloadable training worksheets) to apply what they’ve learned. 
A weekly, interactive group coaching/Q&A session supplements course material and relates skill development to real workplace challenges. In addition, women can connect with like-minded female professionals for support and guidance through the Career Excel Crew, our global network.
A Value-Packed Program Designed by Women for Women
Backed by principles of psychology and neuroscience, Career Excel was created by two successful career women who combined their 35 years of coaching, training and business experience with the latest research to help women achieve their professional goals. Author of “Her Way to the Top” and ICF Accredited Coach, Hira Ali, and C-Level Business Leader, Gender Equality Advisor and TV Personality, Jennifer Willey, co-developed Career Excel to address the underlying challenges and personal barriers that typically hold women back at work more so than men. Women of every age and at all stages of their career will build confidence, develop existing skills and learn new ones in online Masterclasses dedicated to:
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  • Confidence
  • Self-Leadership
  • Developing a Personal Brand
  • Public Speaking and Modern Presenting
  • Networking
  • Effective Body Language
  • Organization for Peak Performance
  • Managing Interruptions
  • Stress Management
  • Assertive Communications
  • Managing Impostor Syndrome, FOMO and Perfectionism
  • And MORE!

Learn more at and reserve your spot in our next session NOW!

Speaking Engagements
Keynote Speaker. Moderator. Interviewer. Expert Panelist.
Conferences for Women, Gender Equality or Corporate Leadership

Wet Cement's CEO Jennifer Willey shares her wealth of experience on-air, on stage and on her game as a C-Suite executive to inspire and entertain her audiences. Before every presentation, Jennifer prepares with in-depth research and thoughtful insights connected to your event theme, so her content resonates with attendees and they walk away with actionable “ah-ha” moments. Jennifer is a seasoned presenter with a lengthy resume of speaking engagements to her credit and as many satisfied clients.

Book our inspiring, interactive and unforgettable Founder as a Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Interviewer or Expert Panelist for your next event. Contact us or book an appointment online now

Wet Cement’s services extend beyond a one day keynote or training session; we also work directly with women leaders and high-potential female team members to identify growth barriers and unlock their potential. Our small group or 1:1 personalized coaching programs, delivered in-person or online, transform the women on your team into killer communicators, superstar sellers, savvy strategists and charismatic leaders who will leave a lasting impression with clients and direct reports. 


We help busy female executives prioritize their time and focus their efforts on the things that matter most. Once we understand an individual’s unique challenges, we help craft a “Personal Business Plan” that integrates development strategies with accountability and behavior changes to collectively help our female clients be more effective and fulfilled.

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