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We offer a variety of integrated services that help your organization advance and empower the women on your team. All programs begin with feedback from leadership and an "Advancement Assessment" that measures your organization's ‘cultural health' and the needs of your female employees. This valuable data helps us build a customized program that addresses your unique challenges and provides measurable results.  




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Training Programs

Advance Women At Work: Women's Leadership and Empowerment

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Our gender identity determines how we approach work and professional relationships, but it also means employees who identify as women face a variety of specific challenges that can hold them back from achieving their potential.  Women are held to a different set of standards (aka the ‘Double Bind’) that require them to communicate differently from their male counterparts.  Women also face a lack of sponsorship and are often excluded or diminished through words and/or behaviors.  At the same time, women are hungry to learn how to negotiate more effectively, advocate for themselves and share their most creative and innovative ideas without facing judgment or interruptions. When you help women navigate their internal roadblocks and external barriers, you achieve measurable and meaningful change.  Countless research studies show faster decision-making and an increase in innovation. And women who feel empowered, heard, and included are less likely to leave their jobs.


Informed by original research developed with behavioral scientists from Wharton and delivered via an applied-learning format, Advance Women at Work offers inspiring and actionable content to help women be more fearless at work and in life. We survey your team and then design an in-depth program focused on the “Fearless Fundamentals” of Confidence, Communication, Control, Connections, and Courage.  Your customized curriculum dives deepest into the biggest challenges, areas of need and growth opportunities.  The combination of inspirational and actionable insights, exercises, and small group work results in mindset and behavioral changes that accelerate advancement while driving better business results.


Attendees will leave with: 

  • An understanding of what’s holding them back and strategies to overcome personal roadblocks

  • More confidence and a plan for developing necessary skills and strategies to fulfill their mission  

  • Methods to communicate more assertively to enhance credibility and impact

  • A roadmap to advance their careers by developing a Personal Board of Directors

  • And much more… depending on your team’s specific needs

Advance Women At Work: Manager Training for Next Generation Leaders

Intended Audience: Customizable for mid to senior-level female managers and executives

In this age of transformation and disruption, leading with purpose and without fear is critical to thrive.  Female leaders are uniquely positioned to succeed given inherent feminine strengths, including EQ and social-relational skills. But they still face a myriad of internal and external barriers that hold them back from achieving their potential. Research shows they are less likely to interrupt others as they share their ideas, but they are more likely to be interrupted. Women are more prepared, yet avoid taking risks because they are afraid they are not prepared enough. They are social but less inclined than men to form strategic networking relationships. They lift each other up, but consistently struggle to advocate for themselves.


This Level II workshop explores these contrasts and offers valuable insights, skills, and alternative strategies to help attendees accelerate their success.  The training is relevant for every modern female leader, whether their purpose is to break through that glass ceiling to effect meaningful change, build their own business, or align their current company to purpose.   


Attendees will leave with: 

  • A roadmap to identify their purpose  

  • Real business examples of how world-class leaders and companies are driving innovation

  • Techniques for reducing bias and interruptions in the workplace

  • Strategies to leverage strategic alliances and relationships that help advance their mission

  • A tactical plan to apply what they’ve learned so they can inspire and lead from the inside out

The Confident Communicator: Mastering Powerful Speech for Women

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Effective communication is key to leadership, yet women often face unique challenges due to societal expectations around competence, warmth, and authority—a concept known as the "Double Bind."  This workshop aims to empower women to navigate these challenges and become confident communicators, delivering messages with clarity and impact. We will share strategies for women to balance displaying their empathy and high EQ with being direct and assertive, so they can be perceived as the leaders they are.


For women, this workshop will:

  • Address the specific communication challenges faced by women, including societal expectations and accepted behaviors.

  • Provide tools to manage the delicate balance of warmth and assertiveness without compromising authenticity.

  • Explore the "Seven Deadly Speaking Sins" and vocal trends that can undermine powerful delivery, with a focus on avoiding these pitfalls.

  • Teach techniques to enhance vocal presence and empower women to speak with decisiveness and power.


For leaders and allies, this workshop will:

  • Shed light on unconscious biases that affect how women's communication is perceived.

  • Offer guidance on supporting women in their efforts to communicate effectively, especially in leadership roles.

  • Provide insights into how to create environments that encourage and value women's contributions and speaking styles.


Your female employees will leave with an understanding of how to manage societal expectations while being clear, direct, and assertive, along with common communication missteps that can affect the perception of women and the related impact they can make. All attendees will walk away with enhanced skills to elevate their presence and message, ensuring their communication is both powerful and authentic.

Career Pathing & Progression for Women: Strategies for Advancement, Equity and Growth

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Embarking on the journey of professional growth presents unique challenges for women, often heightened by structural inequities, biases, and personal mindset barriers. This workshop is dedicated to equipping women with robust, actionable strategies to navigate both internal and external challenges and propel their careers forward with intent and agency. This program can also include a dynamic panel discussion featuring esteemed leaders and emerging talents across your organization.

In this workshop, women will learn to:

  • Assertively chart their career path, embracing fearlessness and strategic planning.

  • Engage with allies, leaders, and managers to support their career development actively.

  • Understand the nuances of workplace dynamics and use them to their advantage, ensuring their growth aligns with their team and organizational goals.

  • Recognize historical gender biases that can hold women back from career ascension and learn how to navigate to propel their success.

  • Formulate a "Personal Career Plan," tailored to their aspirations, outlining practical steps for progression.


Leaders, managers, and allies will learn to:

  • Recognize and mitigate unconscious biases affecting career progression opportunities for women.

  • Act as effective allies by understanding the specific challenges women face and facilitating their career development.

  • Foster an inclusive environment where women's career aspirations are supported and encouraged.


Together, we will create a dialogue focused on the experiences of women in the workplace, sharing success stories and tactics that both women and allies can employ. By establishing psychological safety and an inclusive atmosphere, every participant will be empowered to enact change and drive growth in their professional lives and within their organizations.

Evict the Imposter: Empowering Women to Build Confidence and Manage Imposter Syndrome

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Have you ever thought of yourself as a fraud or a fake, waiting for others to ‘find out’ that you aren’t as smart or talented as everyone thinks you are?  If you haven’t personally felt this way, your team members probably have.  Impostor Syndrome disproportionately affects women in the workplace, leading many to doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as a "fraud, fake or phony" who will be ‘found out.’ There are real costs to an organization, including hesitance to take risks, share creative ideas, challenge the status quo, or drive innovation. It can also wreak havoc on team dynamics and cause rampant burnout. This workshop is specially designed to address the unique ways in which Impostor Syndrome manifests in women, offering them the tools to dismantle these doubts and build a solid foundation of confidence.


For women, this workshop will:

  • Explore the specific challenges women face with Impostor Syndrome.

  • Assess various drivers of Impostor Syndrome, including intersectionality.

  • Offer strategies to reinforce self-assuredness and validate their expertise.

  • Provide a roadmap to navigate and dispel the internalized narratives that contribute to feelings of inadequacy.


For leaders, managers, and allies, this workshop will:

  • Illuminate the hidden impacts of Impostor Syndrome on women's performance and team dynamics.

  • Present techniques for recognizing signs of Impostor Syndrome in team members.

  • Share actionable steps to support women in overcoming these challenges and cultivate an environment where women's contributions are recognized and valued.


Together, we'll delve into the psychological underpinnings of Impostor Syndrome, understand its cost to individuals and organizations, and arm all attendees with the knowledge to challenge and change the Impostor narrative. By the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped to recognize different types of Impostor Syndrome, self-sabotaging behaviors, and coping mechanisms, apply methods to bolster confidence, and implement best practices for managing teams to foster a culture of empowerment and growth.

Build Your Personal Board of Directors: A Woman's Roadmap to Advancing at Work with the Support of Allies and Advocates

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Progress in the professional sphere is intricately tied to the networks we build and the allies we gain. For women, creating these connections is crucial, yet it often presents unique challenges due to systemic barriers and societal norms around workplace relationships.  The result is that women are ‘slipping’ on the proverbial “broken rung” and not promoted at the same rate as their male colleagues. This workshop is dedicated to equipping women with the skills and strategies to form a “Personal Board of Directors’—a circle of mentors, sponsors, peers, and protégées who can provide critical support and advocacy on their journey to success.


For women, this workshop will:

  • Guide how to engage sponsors and mentors who can navigate the politics of career advancement and strategies for forging those connections.

  • Teach how to authentically connect with allies and build mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Help identify the roles of different supporters, from thought partners to protégées, and understand the unique value they bring.


For leaders, managers, and allies, this workshop will:

  • Provide insight into the challenges women face in finding mentorship and sponsorship.

  • Offer strategies for becoming effective allies who actively promote women's career progression.

  • Share methods for creating a culture that supports sponsorship and advocacy for all employees, with an emphasis on gender equity.


Participants will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how a Personal Board of Directors can be instrumental in achieving career objectives and insight into their own development needs and the contributions they can make in mentoring others. This practical roadmap will help them identify and engage with potential advocates and secure their support in a way that aligns with their own professional goals and values. This will help propel their career trajectory while supporting gender equity and self-efficacy across your organization.

Network Like a Natural: A Woman's Guide to Authentic Connections and Thought Leadership

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Networking is a critical skill for professional advancement, yet research shows that women often require different kinds of networks than men and may view professional networking differently. Women tend to seek genuine relationships and mutual support in their professional interactions, which can be at odds with traditional views of networking as transactional or self-promotional. This workshop is tailored to help women navigate these nuances, creating networks that are both authentic and effective. Participants will craft a three-pronged strategic plan designed to maximize networking opportunities at work, at industry events and conferences, and online through social media. 


For women, this workshop will:

  • Explore the research on gender differences in networking and the types of networks that can be most beneficial for women.

  • Offer strategies to network authentically, aligning with personal values and emphasizing genuine connections.

  • Provide actionable techniques for initiating and sustaining workplace relationships, establishing thought leadership, and building visibility within their field.


For leaders and allies, this workshop will:

  • Present insights into how a woman's approach to networking can differ and the strengths they bring.

  • Share ways to support women in building strategic networks, including fostering inclusive networking events and mentoring opportunities.

  • Discuss how to be an ally in networking settings and the normal course of work, helping to amplify women's voices and contributions.


Attendees will leave with a personalized Networking Plan that can be leveraged at work, conferences, events, and online, along with confidence-building techniques to overcome fears of inauthenticity or rejection. This workshop will help women develop and maintain meaningful professional relationships, positioning themselves as leaders and trusted partners, along with strategies for engaging allies to further their professional goals in a way that's enjoyable and aligned with their mission.

How to Achieve Work/Life Balance and Find Your Joy: A Guide for Women to Build their 'Blue Sky Blueprint' with Insights for Leaders and Allies

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

The quest for work/life balance is particularly challenging for women, who often juggle a disproportionate share of domestic responsibilities alongside their professional roles. This workshop is tailored to help women find equilibrium and joy by providing them with practical tools to prioritize, set boundaries, and manage the multitude of demands they face. We will also address the intensified challenges during high-pressure periods like the holidays.


For women, this workshop will:

  • Empower them to identify and align their activities with their core purpose.

  • Offer strategies to craft a personal "Blue-Sky Blueprint" for balancing professional and personal life.

  • Teach techniques to assertively say 'no' to low-priority tasks and to 'outsource' or delegate effectively.

  • Provide methods to integrate self-care into a busy schedule, ensuring personal well-being.


For leaders and allies, this workshop will:

  • Illuminate the unique pressures women face and the importance of supportive workplaces in achieving balance.

  • Present strategies for recognizing and redistributing "non-promotable work" to create more equitable environments.

  • Share ways to encourage and facilitate a culture where work/life balance is respected and supported for everyone.


Women will leave with a clear vision of their priorities and a plan to navigate toward a balanced life, along with skills to manage time efficiently, focusing on high-impact activities that align with their values. All attendees will be able to develop a supportive network of peers to exchange ideas on maintaining balance while pursuing personal passions and professional goals.

Self-Advocacy: Empowering Women to Champion Their Needs with Support from Leaders and Allies

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

The ability to self-advocate is crucial for professional growth, yet many women find it challenging to champion their own needs in the workplace. This workshop empowers women with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently advocate for themselves. It guides them on how to overcome the internal and external barriers that may impede their progress, such as limiting beliefs and systemic microaggressions.


For women, this workshop will:

  • Guide them in identifying and understanding their core needs and the distractions or "enemies" that hinder their advocacy efforts.

  • Offer strategies to manage and reduce interruptions at work, which disproportionately affect women.

  • Teach practical skills to address and navigate microaggressions in the workplace effectively.


For leaders and allies, this workshop will:

  • Highlight the importance of understanding and supporting women's needs in professional settings.

  • Provide techniques for offering "micro validations," small yet significant acknowledgments that can bolster the confidence and assertiveness of female colleagues.

  • Share best practices for creating an environment that encourages and facilitates self-advocacy for women.


Women will leave with a clear understanding of the specific challenges they face when it comes to advocating for their ideas, needs, and team, and practical methods to overcome them. They will be armed with tools to prioritize their goals, say ‘no’ with confidence, and focus on their emotional well-being to maintain a clear path to their objectives. All attendees will understand how to navigate societal norms to create a workplace that is more inclusive and equitable for all.

Fearless Sales: Pitch To Win--Sales Communications and Coaching for Growth

Intended Audience: Female Sales, Business Development and Client Service professionals

Did you know that one out of four people suffers from the fear of public speaking? Even if your team is composed of fearless speakers, everyone on the front lines can benefit from learning how to polish their delivery, position your offering for success and project the confidence, power, and charisma that wins business every single time.  This workshop moves beyond the basics of verbal and non-verbal delivery training to help your team nail WHAT to say and HOW to say it.  Our Fearless Five Fundamentals method focuses on Strategy, Content, Delivery, Confidence, and Connections, so your team is prepared to tackle the next big pitch.  This signature program can integrate 1:1 coaching to supplement group training; every participant and his/her manager receives a Personal Development Plan so leaders understand how to effectively coach team members moving forward.

Attendees will:​

  • Develop verbal and non-verbal skills to engage through storytelling, metaphors, and imagery 

  • Represent your brand with renewed confidence and build a reputation for your business

  • Lead by listening to develop valuable emotional connections

  • Tap into their ‘Confidence Champions’ to sell with conviction

  • Proactively plan to captivate their audience from the moment they walk in the door through their follow-up email


Learn more about Wet Cement's signature Pitch to Win program here.

Innovation Through Inclusivity: How to Build an Inclusive Culture

Intended Audience: General female

The race for talent and innovation is on.  As the rate of change accelerates, companies can survive and thrive by leading with purpose, embracing change, and fostering collaboration.  Millennials and Generation Z demand inclusive cultures, and research show it boosts bottom-line results. Businesses that value diverse perspectives, set a clear mission for ALL their stakeholders and offer employees a more fulfilling work/life balance will attract valuable new talent. Whether you are a business leader or HR professional, you will learn key variables in the Inclusivity Equation to design programs that grant you a competitive edge.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the latest research on how diverse teams are accelerating growth and returns

  • Leave with strategies to build more inclusive teams for their own companies

  • Review case studies of best-in-class companies getting it right and their positive results

Allyship & The Modern Male Leader: How to Build a Culture of Inclusion and Empowerment

Intended Audience: Male professionals and leaders

Cultivating an inclusive culture is a top priority for ‘modern leaders,’ but it is easier said than done.  Sexual harassment and unconscious bias training are just the first steps in creating an organization where everyone can thrive equally.  Male executives and managers are expected to build collaborative cultures that drive innovation, engagement, loyalty, and the bottom line, but they aren’t given a playbook on how to make that happen.  Until now.


In this helpful, supportive, and non-judgmental program, we provide 'the good guys' with an insider’s look at the top growth barriers for women, the science behind it, and what they can and should do, to achieve gender equity. We help the men in your organization tackle the necessary attitudinal, operational, and behavioral changes, including topics like non-promotable work, the double bind, the broken rung, microaggressions, and meeting interruptions, among others. Your team will learn new strategies to help female reports and colleagues be more empowered and effective while promoting an inclusive culture.

Attendees will leave with:

  • Knowledge of the top factors holding women back from achieving their potential and what they can do about it

  • A better understanding of the Gender Issue Spectrum--from harassment to microaggressions

  • A plan to shift how they operate across key leadership functions including talent recruitment, pay and promotion equity, culture, and team dynamics

  • Simple methods to create a psychologically safe environment and encourage collaboration


Speaking Engagements
Keynote Speaker. Moderator. Expert Panelist.
Conferences for Women, Gender Equality or Corporate Leadership

Jennifer Willey does more than just inspire when she speaksshe changes behaviors with well-researched insights and clear strategies that help others overcome fear and achieve their potential. Her wealth of experience on-air, on stage and on her game as a C-Suite executive ensures she will own the room with a unique, memorable keynote that delivers actionable "a-ha" moments her audience will be anxious to apply.  Learn more about Jenn's approach and signature talks.

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Wet Cement’s services extend beyond a one-day keynote or training session; we also work directly with women leaders and high-potential female team members to identify growth barriers and unlock their potential. Our small group or 1:1 personalized coaching programs delivered in-person or online, transform the women on your team into executive-level communicators, superstar sellers, savvy strategists, and charismatic leaders who will leave a lasting impression on clients and direct reports. 


We help busy female executives prioritize their time and focus their efforts on the things that matter most. Once we understand an individual’s unique challenges, we help craft a “Personal Business Plan” that integrates development strategies with accountability and behavior changes to collectively help our female clients be more effective and fulfilled.

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