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Patricia Golas, R&D Leader

"The Women’s Leadership & Inclusion group at the Johnson & Johnson Consumer site in Skillman, NJ was fortunate to host Jennifer Willey as part of our week-long celebration of International Women’s Day 2019. Jenn and I worked together closely in the weeks leading up to the event to learn what specific areas the women of the Skillman community needed to focus on the most. Jenn identified two key areas: executive presence and self-advocacy. Based on this feedback, Jenn started the day with an engaging and insightful keynote on Confident Communications, and followed this with a deep-dive workshop on Self-Advocacy. I was impressed at how Jenn structured this event to meet the key action standards, which were to be both inspirational and highly actionable. All participants walked away from the half-day immersive event with several clear and tangible strategies for communicating more confidently, strategically building our Personal Board of Directors, tackling Imposter Syndrome, and effectively advocating for ourselves. Working with Jenn has been a pleasure, and I am looking forward to future engagements with her Wet Cement team!"

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Christine Mari Hori, Marketing Director

​"Jenn's presentation was compelling and an eye-opener for our summit audience.  Gender equity is an important theme for Japan but it's penetration into the working force will still take time.  With astonishing data and a great presentation style, we are delighted that Jenn was able to join us."

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Katharine Panessidi, Chief Content Officer

"Working with Jenn has been a tremendously easy process. She’s flexible and open to a collaborative approach to creating content that best suits the needs of various end users. I’ve brought her on for a few projects with different goals, audiences and desired outcomes and she’s come to the table with wonderful, fresh ideas for each. The attendees of my events have found her content to be tremendously valuable, and I can attest that she’s a wonderful presenter. In short, we’ve worked together to create valuable synergies with mutual benefit to our brands and clients alike. I highly recommend her!"

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Joshua Palau, VP Digital Strategy and Platforms

​"I was one of 100 male leaders at the iMedia Brand Summit 2018 who had the good fortune of attending a Wet Cement presentation on Gender Equity. What I loved about it was that she shared research that helped highlight some of the barriers that hold women back, and how we as managers can address sensitive topics like communication styles or how to build confidence.

It wasn’t just a presentation--it incorporated easy-to-apply exercises and sparked conversations on how to tackle tough issues.  The information was shared in a fun, engaging way, and it never felt like we were being preached at.  Rather, this new understanding could help each one of us accelerate our own growth as well as the women we work with.

I would highly recommend Wet Cement’s programs—it will change the mindsets, actions and culture of your teams."

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Manya Dotson, CEO

​"I had the privilege of working with Wet Cement at a women’s purpose retreat, and all I can say is WOW! Jennifer is a top-notch speaker—polished, engaging and so much fun. She took or group through a set of activities that created a practical roadmap for fearlessness. After naming and clothing my Superhero and figuring out a 360-degree council of mentors, I feel really excited about the future of my transitioning business. If you get a chance to work with Jennifer DO IT. She’s a powerhouse and worth every dime!"



Marisa Russell, SVP Revenue

​"Wet Cement is a powerhouse of knowledge, support and motivation.   After spending just one day with Jenn, my team and I felt empowered to drive our own path forward, channeling our appreciation for one another and ourselves into an asset for the business.  I can't wait to have Jenn come back and meet with the larger team.  Her impact is felt immediately."

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Mark Karlan, Director of Marketing

"It’s hard to say whether Jenn’s talk affected me more as a manager, or as the father of a young girl. In either case, I will be more keenly aware of the opportunities and challenges women face in the workplace."



Gina D'Andrea, SVP Sales

​"We’re still coming off of the high of what was an amazing session. You delivered exactly what we needed and we couldn’t be happier."

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